Deaf Center – Recount

Deaf Center are a band that blew me away when they opened for Slowdive last month. They crafted a beautiful atmosphere through shimmering guitar drones and mournful piano that was captivating. I picked up their latest EP Recount straight after, and it’s a gorgeous, moving ambient release.

Recount contains two pieces, the first of which, Follow Still is an improvised one. Slow guitar drones shimmer away, ebbing and flowing beautifully, providing a soft, warm backdrop for the haunting piano melodies. With the slow tempo, each note is powerful, softly piercing through the waves of guitar before fading away in a gorgeous echo. It’s a sublime piece which really sucks you into it’s calming gentle atmosphere. Second piece Oblivion is for guitar and synth. Once more the guitar weaves softly droning waves, but instead of the piano, the synths provide more softly ebbing ambience all coming together in a simply beautiful gauze of sound. It’s absolutely gorgeous, flowing beautifully in a calm and enthralling manner.

Both pieces are gorgeous, everything about this EP is beautiful. For twenty six minutes it sucks you into a relaxed, calming state where lush soft drones take you away with their ebb and flow, and it’s sublime.

Deaf Center on facebook


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