Desolate Horizons – Together We Feel New Life

Together We Feel New Life is the debut EP of moody droning goodness from Russian project Desolate Horizons. Fuzzed out blissful swathes of heavy guitar distortion introduce Make a Wish with layers of slow melancholic synths drifting over the top, swirling around beautifully, all complimented by sheets of white noise. There’s more of a post-rock influence on second track embrace me tightly so I could feel you breathe inside me, the track is less heavy, instead a little more structured, indulging in repeated synth melodies enveloped in a gauze of soft white noise, while closer let’s stay here forever, just holding hands and gazing skyward at the radiant amber glow of a slowly dying sun… takes the post-rock sound further, an intro of soft  synths and plucked guitar chords builds up, before fading away with the introduction of the fuzzy guitar into a simply gorgeous laid back wall of sound.

A very impressive and moody EP from Desolate Horizons, beautifully fuzzy and should appeal to fans of both drone and post-rock. At less than twenty minutes it seems to end far too soon, and it would be great to hear more from them soon.

Together We Feel New Life is available as a name your price download from bandcamp


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