Swirls of Noise Radio #25

Here’s Swirls of Noise radio #25. Featuring a beautiful piano and vocal track from Clara Engel, drone from Ian William Craig’s new album, and new black metal tracks from Taake, Spectral Lore and Winterfylleth. Older shoegaze comes from Catherine Wheel, and symphonic metal from the fun new Pythia album. New grindcore from Trap Them, with old school grindy filth from Impetigo, and aggression from Sore Throat. Enjoy.

Clara Engel – Heaven and Hell, from Ashes & Tangerines, 2014
Ian William Craig – Either Or, from A Turn Of Breath, 2014
Catherine Wheel – Black Metallic, from Ferment, 1992
Pythia – The Highwayman, from Shadows Of A Broken Past, 2014
Taake – Orm, from Stridens Hus, 2014
Spectral Lore – The Cold March Towards Eternal Brightness, from III, 2014
Winterfylleth – Forsaken in Stone, from The Divination of Antiquity, 2014
Trap Them – Gift and Gift Unsteady, from Blissfucker, 2014
Impetigo – Red Wrigglers, from Ultimo Mondo Cannibale, 1990
Sore Throat – Straights, from Unhindered By Talent, 1988


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