Raphael Weinroth-Browne – Shattered Dreams

Raphael Weinroth-Browne is the cellist and one third of classical trio Musk Ox, the group behind one of the year’s best albums in Woodfall. Here’s a solo piece named Shattered Dreams, and it’s rather different from his work with Musk Ox, being much more dramatic and brooding than the calm upbeat music of the latter. A composition for four cellos and two pianos, he brings a metal influence to his brand of classical music here, with sections of heavy dramatic cello playing. The piece flows effortlessly between softer sections and louder, more dramatic parts almost echoing the heaviness of metal music, and the use of dynamics is much more pronounced than with the music of Musk Ox. Oozing with intensity throughout, whether from the drama behind each note in the softer sections, the speed and virtuosity in the playing in others, or the dramatic bursts of dark heavy cello playing, this is an excellent piece of music. Full of darkness and melancholy, it’s a beautiful piece for a troubled mind. A very different aesthetic to Woodfall but it’s gorgeously sullen enough to appeal to any Musk Ox fans, recommended.


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