Swirls of Noise Radio #24

Here’s SoN radio #24. New tracks this week come from Derbyshire death metal group Repulsive, the returning grinders Cretin, and black metal from ZOM. Some brilliant older tracks, especially from Vassafor, Ascension and Alison’s Halo make it a great listen, enjoy.

Repulsive – The Entity, 2014
Vassafor – Obsidian King, from Obsidian Codex, 2012
Cretin – It, from Stranger, 2014
Ascension – Grant Me Light, from Consolamentum, 2010
ZOM – Conquest, from Flesh Assimilation, 2014
Alcoholocaust – Álcool & Metal, from Speed Degredo Metal, 2008
Deicide – End the Wrath of God, from In the Minds of Evil, 2013
Svart Crown – Revelation: Down Here Stillborn, from Profane, 2013
Alison’s Halo – Raindrop, from Eyedazzler: 1992-1996, 1998
Alcian Blue – You Just Disappear, from Alcian Blue, 2006


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