Deicide, Svart Crown and Sawthis at the Underworld, 01/12/2014

Deicide are a death metal institution who’ve been spreading their fantastically evil sounding brand of death metal for 25 years now, and they came back to our shores on Monday for a devestating assualt on the Underworld, bringing with them Svart Crown and Sawthis as support.

Sawthis‘ dull repetitive riffs and one word per bark vocal style had gotten old before they’d even gotten through the first song, unfortunately beginning the night on something of an off note. Svart Crown quickly picked it back up in style though, their brilliant death metal, with just a tinge of black metal darkness, complete with a mix of furious solos, slower doomier sections and brilliant drumming made them a great band to watch. With a small moshpit in the centre and an energetic performance, especially from vocalist guitarist Jean-Baptiste they were great fun. The way both guitarists also growled together was great, and the mid paced fills from their session drummer were something else. An excellent band I will have to be checking out in the future.

For Deicide I’ve never seen the tiny Underworld so crowded, and pretty much the entire downstairs area near the front of the stage was one big moshpit. But when a band like Deicide plays it’s not hard to see why they get such fervent support from the audience – they were fantastic. The most well represented album in the set was their latest release In the Minds of Evil – no bad thing with songs such as End the Wrath of God being an absolute ripper of a headbanger. Glen was on top form on the night, with his mix of shrieks and growls, as well as that gnarly bass tone his performance was great, especially with the between song banter. Songs from the middle of their catalogue, such as Serpents of the Light, Scars of the Crucifix and We are the Children of the Underworld went down a storm, with lead guitarist Jack Owen showing his quality with fantastic solos.

It’s the early stuff that all Deicide fans love though, and we were all in for a treat. Trifixion and Dead but Dreaming going down a storm. Dead By Dawn drove the place mental, while Sacrificial Suicide sounded pure evil. The highlight of the whole show was an encore of Lunatic of God’s Creation, that opening riff being one of the best death metal has to offer and the mosh pit that took off was absolute fucking carnage. Deicide are still a ripping live act 25 years into their career and this one UK date of the tour was a phenomenal one. Great fun from a classic band.


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