Swirls of Noise Radio #23

Welcome to Swirls of Noise Radio #23. After Brutal Truth played their last ever show this week, it’s good to remember just how great the grindcore act were, with Godplayer opening up the radio. Following up with some great grindcore from 2014 with Warscum, Atif X Aslam (killer shouting in Urdu) and Siege Mentality and post-rock in Hors Sujet, the rest is made up of some favourites, post-black metallers Wodensthrone should send shivers down the spine, and who can ever tire of Angel Witch?

Brutal Truth – Godplayer, from Need to Control, 1994
Warscum – Invisible War, from Society Rape, 2014
Atif X Aslam – Dozakhi Madarchod, from Lund Na Khao, 2014
Siege Mentality – Dying Right, from Arrest Days, 2014
Winds – What is Beauty, from The Imaginary Direction of Time, 2004
Hors Sujet – C’est comme ca que les fantomes reviennent, from Novembre, 2014
Wodensthrone – Those that crush the roots of blood, from Loss, 2009
Angel Witch – Gorgon, from Angel Witch, 1980
Stoned Jesus – I’m The Mountain, from Seven Thunders Roar, 2012
Burning Witch – Warning Signs, from Crippled Lucifer, 1998


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