Review: Kazuo – Shipwreck

a0968955652_10Six tracks are offered on the debut release of the French band Kazuo. Some sweet and warm compositions whose sound and style might be good for the dark and gloomy season that is about to come; I am speaking as an European here.

Even though the title of the release might suggest otherwise, this release has no negative or depressive undertone. Maybe this dreamy, sometimes otherworldly touch and atmosphere is supposed to be understood or interpreted as an opportunity. A change in live, a change in the setting of ones own personal parameters can help to bring ones persona to a new level, help to overcome certain burdens and limitations.

Kazuo’s, whatever this term actually means, music is like an amount of vague fragments that are able to exist and linger around for while and without being too intrusive. Somehow they appear to be like memories of a time long gone and whose recollections still haunt our memories and fill us with warmth and pleasure. And even in this sense it is possible to understand and to put the title of the release into perspective. As those images are not longer able to accompany us, they remain in a fragile and in an ever increasing broken state. We hallucinate about their supposed composition, make up their arrangement and may even loose all touch of reality when it comes to them.

What about the music, then? Ambient and a bit of drone mark the major elements on this recording. Keyboards, some noise elements and some rare samples have been added as well. It is music that has the warmth of the summer and the contemplation of the autumn. Should you try to recollect the atmosphere of the first or should you be ready to give in to the second? The tunes have this distinct thickness of a summer evening, but gently moved by a breeze now and then. It is not stuffy, but you can breathe. You can sit outside and let the thoughts wander off, let you mind wander around and give in to this or that. Kazou offers music that differs throughout the release, while remaining in a distinct pattern or style.

It would have been nice to have a bit more now and then. A bit more exploration of the ideas, but as has been written above, those fragmentation might have been without a deeper understanding or grand idea. Shipwreck may be able to take your thought off a while, but not for too long … maybe it is best to take in this kind of music in small dose in order to preserve its freshness and its imprint of our memory or recollections.


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