Necrolepsy – Exhibition of Mutilated Apparatus

 Exhibition of Mutilated Apparatus is the debut EP from Bangladeshi brutal death metal group Necrolepsy, and it’s sick. The riffs range from brutal slams to grooves all at a thousand miles an hour, while the vocals switch between brutal forceful gutturals and insane pig squeals. Drums blasting away at points, at others being particularly rhythmic and catchy, the drums just add to the ridiculous fun of this eight minute EP. Blazing guitar solos remind of Cannibal Corpse and the leads are great throughout. Demented Torture is the best track with those fast grooving riffs, cymbal crashes and powerful barks, but it’s a good release throughout – just pure filthy fun. These Bangladeshi’s have a lot of brutal death metal out there beat, Exhibition of Mutilated Apparatus is ridiculous, but really well done at the same time, and I can hardly stop listening.

Necrolepsy on facebook


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