Iron Eagle – On The Attack

So Human Cull’s Sam and Edd aren’t content with releasing one of the years best grindcore releases in Stillborn Nation, they’ve decided to kick your ass once more with their new band Iron Eagle. Combining death metal and punk in the sickest of ways, On the Attack is a filthy riff behemoth sounding like Bolt Thrower, Asphyx, Discharge and early Napalm Death combined – and what about THAT doesn’t sound fantastic? Those slow to mid paced death metal riffs are delivered with a tone so heavy it feels like a tank rolling over your skull, while those grooving punk riffs make you want to throw yourself round a pit like a fucking maniac. Backed up by d-beat drums and throat lacerating exhalations somewhere between barks and screams make this is an absolute beast of an EP, especially 40,000 Rambos which could just be one of the year’s best death metal tracks. Fifteen minutes of crushing crusty death metal with riffs out the wazoo, this is one for punks and metallers alike. And it’s on bandcamp for a paltry 50p. Chuffing marvellous.

Iron Eagle on Facebook


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