Swirls of Noise radio #22

Welcome to Swirls of Noise radio #22. This week’s edition features some dramatic classical from Musk Ox cellist Raphael Weinroth Brown, death metal from Voices, Bloodbath and Dead Congregation, grindcore from Abaddon Incarnate, and blues rock from Blues Pills. All good music, of course with some older favourites, gothic metal courtesy of Madder Mortem, shoegaze from Violet Indiana and Secret Shine, and some blissful drone from Total Life, released at the start of the year. Enjoy!

Raphael Weinroth Brown – Shattered Dreams, 2014
Voices – The House of Black Light, from London, 2014
Abaddon Incarnate – Fear, from Pessimist, 2014
Bloodbath – Mental Abortion, from Grand Morbid Funeral, 2014
Dead Congregation – Serpentskin, from Promulgation of the Fall, 2014
Blues Pills – High Class Woman, from Blues Pills, 2014
Madder Mortem – The Grinding Silence, from Mercury, 1998
Violet Indiana – Purr La Perla, from Casino, 2002
Secret Shine – Voice of the Sea, from All of the Stars, 2008
Total Life – Burner I, from Burner, 2014


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