Review: Babylone Chaos – Noises from the Attic

a1695269940_10Strange noises. A strange sound. Is there someone around? Who is responsible for this disturbance? Those strange Noises from the Attic … ah, what just don’t digress. Read those words below and take a dive into a world strange vibes.

Noises from the Attic is a play with anticipation and expectations. It is a trip into the world of imagination and reality at the same time. Generally speaking, the mere existence of obscure sounds in an old building is something the inhabitants have gotten used to and those new visitors will readily accept and get acquainted to them. These disruptions appear as a part of an all-inclusive package … a requirement that needs to be fulfilled; an illusion demands to persist and to be kept up, because otherwise violence might fill the vacant space.

Noises from the Attic does not need to be explained, because it wants to be explored, felt, listened to and enjoyed. Unlike in a horror film no shrieks or scaring moments are bound to appear, but there is definitely a certain sense of excitement in the air. And it is this that keeps increasing over the time and with each second passed. Bewilderment, amusement, angst and fright as well. Maybe this piece demands to be enjoyed at night and with no light to be seen. Enjoyed at high volume and with no one to break into this surreal and otherworldly atmosphere. Maybe it is intimate in a strange and inexplicable kind of way.

Those noises are not commonplace. They are not the source of the what man might deem natural, or what could be found in some kind of long forgotten, abandoned or rotten building. There is this an unmistakable touch of Lovecraftian mysticism that hangs around this one long composition. Some person or maybe even some being lives in the attic and does something, which creates something and makes some kind of noise … a noise we, as a mere human being, are able to experience but deem difficult to thoroughly enjoy. They are there and we are spellbound by them, even though they remain in the sphere of the ordinary.

Those textures, those odd sounds and oscillating noises, those samples and those incomprehensible elements … all these create in the sum an actual interesting experience, which is, sad as it may be, actually over all too sudden. The crescendo and the progression of the ideas are what make this piece an enjoyable trip.


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