Review: Ilia Belorukov & Jelena Glazova split tape

a2452541543_10Strange and incomprehensible sounds. This split album offers music that demands attentions, concentration and a certain fascination for music that does not reveal itself readily. What is it that one can actually find here?

Ilia Belorukov

No pleasantries, nothing overtly charming. This live set presents music that lacks a certain immediateness. Being fragmented and broken into tiny bits and pieces, the musician arranges the concept as a progression out of a realm of uncertainty into a sphere that is more palpable. What is incomprehensible at first becomes dreamy vague at the end. But how does all hinge together?

This opening is off-putting, but it actually lures the listener into a different direction. Ilia Belorukov does not perform harsh noise, the music is rather a kind of minimalism … and a minimalism that finds expression in numerous ways. And it is intimate in very special kind of way. As this tracks has been recorded live one can imagine how the atmosphere builds up gradually and how attentively the audience might have listened to the sounds, noises, samples.

This track is strange and this for a lot of reasons. One might wonder whether some parts should have been elaborated a bit more and made clearer to a larger degree. Sadly, it ends quite abruptly, which opens speculation about whether the entire set of the live concert has even been put on this tape.

Jelena Glazova

The second band on this split album differs quite a lot from the first one. No extreme noises, mostly no stark shifts in the sound or concept and also nothing that would reveal itself magically at the end of the track. No, Jelena Glazova performs music in such a way as to demand a lot of attention from the listener. One has to listen carefully, one has to sit back and take a dive into the vagueness that dominates her part of the split album.

Drone and ambient mark the core aspects on her three tracks and these do not appear as if they would reach out to the listener. Those sounds are merely there. Inoffensive, lingering around, doing something and whatever this may be. Whether one would imagine a vast landscape or some kind of industrial complex that would through whatever means be the source of those vague sounds, is actually not much of an issue. The strange throbbing or wobbling is hardly of a kind that would be able to grab the attention of the listener. Not much of additional samples, no field recordings, no … whatever. Just some minimal play of drone, ambient and noise. Sometimes a bit more intense and recognizable, sometimes lost in the background.

With the exception of the last track White on White none of the tracks would be able to leave a lasting impression.



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