Cannibal Corpse, Aeon and Revocation at ‘The Forum’ 31/10/2014

Cannibal Corpse came to London on halloween on the back of their new album A Skeletal Domain, bringing with them Revocation and Aeon in support. Here’s how it went down:

Aeon were first up, and unfortunately they suffered from the venue’s fickle sound the drums and vocals drowning out the bass and guitar for most of the set. Although not the best sound though, it didn’t prevent them from putting on a good performance, with Tommy growling and shrieking away like a man possessed, especially on the vicious Forgiveness Denied. With quality song writing they were still an enjoyable opener, even without the best of sounds.

No such problems plagued Revocation’s set, however their problem lay in the opposite direction – their brand of thrasy death metal simply isn’t as exciting as Aeon’s more in your face extreme style. With a rather stale run of the mill sound, Revocation on album don’t really do a lot to seperate themselves from other bands playing the style, and though by no means awful they’re decidedly average. With a somewhat annoying shouted vocal style and a comparative lack of stage presence cthey were ultimately a let down after the intensity of Aeon.

Anyone who’s ever seen Cannibal Corpse before knows exactly why they’re one of the genre greats. With fantastic songs and an enthralling performance they rarely put on a bad show, and on halloween of all days they didn’t disappoint. Right from the start when Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead opened the set almost the whole of the front area was one big moshpit and it stayed that way through the whole song. They moved through the classics of Fucked with a Knife and Stripped, Raped and Strangled with furious energy, before showing that they don’t need to rely on the old ones, playing Kill or Become, Sadistic Embodiment and Icepick Lobotomy in a row from new album A Skeletal Domain, all songs just as brilliant as the old ones, the catchiness and down right heavy sound of the former making it one of the best tracks of the show. Throughout the track the performance of the band is great, from the two guitarists playing fantastic riff after riff to Alex Webster’s bass playing with that gnarly vicious tone, but it’s Corpsegrinder who just makes their show. His barks are as fantastically harsh as on the album, and his between song banter is great too “I want to see everyone banging their heads to this next one, and if you don’t I’ll come down there and kill you myself” being one of the highlights in an intense performance. With a varied setlist mixing all the older classics with newer greats such as Demented Aggression it was a near perfect setlist, though more from Kill wouldn’t have gone amiss as one of their best albums. A Skull Full of Maggots is one of their heaviest songs and one of the set highlights, but it’s Hammer Smashed Face that everyone wants to hear, and it starts a frenzy down the front, before the crowd manage to make it through one more after that insanity for Devoured By Vermin. Overall it’s another fantastic set from a classic band.

A Skeletal Domain was released September 16th on Metal Blade


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