Swirls of Noise radio #21

Here’s SoN radio #21. As usual there’s a mix of good music, new and old. Brutal death from Bangladeshi’s Necrolepsy, some sludgy goodness from Iron Eagle, and some pensive symphonic metal from Kingfishery Sky. On the black metal front, Mare Cognitum, Tongues and Atrum Tempestas all give an excellent take on the genre. For older material, Raven (now known as Shape of Despair) put out one of my favourite ambient tracks with a lot of darkness to it, and My Dying Bride’s experiment with trip-hop is just as dark and eerie. Enjoy!

Necrolepsy – Strangulated Lacerated peritoneum, from Exhibition of Mutilated Apparatus, 2014
Iron Eagle – Why Complain?, from On the Attack, 2014
Water Torture – Self Preserve, from Shellfire! 2012
Kingfisher Sky – Insomnia, from Arms of Morpheus, 2014
Mare Cognitum – Entropic Hallucinations, from Phobos Monolith, 2014
Tongues – Will of Fire, from Thelésis Ignis, 2014
Atrum Tempestas – Et après… le néant, from Néant, 2014
A Forest of Stars – God, from The Corpse of Rebirth, 2008
Raven (Pre Shape of Despair)- Woundheir, from Alone in the Mist, 1995
My Dying Bride – Heroin Chic, from 34.788%… complete, 1998


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