Interview: Thy Serpent’s Cult

coverDeath Metal from Chile is offered by Thy Serpent’s Cult and their latest release is loaded with sweet riffs and solos. Why not ask the band about the background and the concept of it all

“Tell us about the band, where you are from and what kind of music you play.
Hi, we are Thy Serpent’s Cult from Chile and we play death metal

Why did you pick this band name?
The ancient cult of the serpent is much documented in many cultures and its very knowledge for all. The band takes the name for the incarnation of the serpent god and his return to earth. Examples for the name are: the ancient serpent from the garden of Eden, the ancient serpent from old Egypt, the ancient serpent from old Mexico, etc

Do any of the band members own a snake by chance?
Hahahahah, no but it’s a good idea, hahahaha

How did it all start? Did you have had a certain idea of making music with which it all began?
Jc and I (Hatred) started the band in 2008 and we always want to follow a greatest band like Deicide, Obituary, cannibal Corpse, Unleashed, Bolt Thrower, etc. The idea was play louder than hell and kick christian ass

What bands influenced and maybe still influence you? Has the aspect of making music have an impact in this regard and led to a shift in preferences?
Judas Priest (the most important influences in our life), Dio , Black Sabbath, Deicide(old), Slayer (old), Candlemass, Obituary, Death (old), etc. Our music doesn’t cloning this bands and our creative process is independent from our influences or likes.

How did the band develop? Compared with the first demo and the first full-length “Infernal Wings of Damnation” where has the band been and where is it now?
Well the progress is great in all aspect, now we play and composed very complex tracks. In the beginning we don’t play our composition, hahahahah. Now TSC are ready for kick some fucking ass.

What are the core essences of your music? Why do you appear to prefer traditional death metal over modern interpretations?
Death metal fucking rules¡¡¡we love this kind of music more than we love our mothers. Modern interpretations? What the fuck is that? We only play death metal without any progressive stuff and we play this until the very end of our days.

A lot of the tracks on your latest output are rather short and on the spot. Is there a chance that you might offer something longer and more complex?
The composition is alive process, changes with the process himself and maybe the next album will offer longer tracks or maybe short tracks, only the time will answer this question.

The solo parts on your latest release “Sedition, Sorcery and Blasphemy” are really well done. What guitar players are influences in this regard. How long does it take you to get them done?
Well JC and Draco are two great guitar players and both composed the solo easily. Our guitar players was influenced by Glenn Tipton, Angus Young, KK Downing, Evil Chuck,R. Blackmore, etc. Only classic stuff.fotoad

Do you have some favourite albums that stand out because of the solo parts?
For me: Judas Priest “painkiller”, Obituary “cause of death”, Death “Spiritual healing”, Rainbow “raising”, Deicide “deicide”, etc

Why did you take samples from the Hellraiser: Bloodline film? Do you have a certain fascination for this film? I lost my interest in the series after the first one.
Ohh hell yeah, Hellraiser 1 and 2 kick ass; the rest of the saga is a piece of shit. The samples were used by JC and maybe for the “words” in the sample. I am very interesting in all horror films from all times but Hellraiser is my favorite one¡¡

Interesting cover artwork. Who had been responsible for it and does it reflect some of the music or concept of the band?
The cover concept was made by JC and the artwork was made by Asfodelo (local guy), digital artwok was made by Richard Garces (a friend). The cover represent very well to the SSB Lp; spells, hell, esoteric, spawns, all this shit.

What are your plans for the future?
Record a new album soon as possible (we have a 5 new songs yet), kick christians ass and play live in everywhere and everyplace.

Closing comments if you like”
Thanks a lot for your support and for the interview
and of course…welcome to the cult¡¡¡¡
Stay death.


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