Massola – Neanderthal Jazz

Massola - obs!17 Neanderthal Jazz - Massola - Neanderthal JazzSometimes words fall short expressing a certain type of music and of artistic expression. Massola offer music that is definitely out of the common and does not even dare to be conventional. The title of the release says it all, doesn’t it?

A clash of culture. It has Francis Fukuyama all over it. Maybe this album marks the end of music as we know it, maybe it is just a vain attempt of breaking the barrier of expectations. It is strange and confusing. It is never what it has been, while that which is to come cannot be predicted. Be it jazzy or even Klezmer-influenced in one moment, it breaks off into the realms noise into another. An extravaganza out of nowhere and it will most likely to vanish to this spot again. Those masses of today’s world will hardly be pleased by the level of insanity on this tape.

Massola’s performance can hardly be narrowed down to a single element or characteristic touch. Their output fascinates due to the consistency on which all is executed. Those tracks give the impression of wild rehearsal session of which a good amount of ideas have been used in one way or another. Nothing is clear cut, nothing appears overtly polished and nothing is harmonious. Therefore it is of little surprise that the band refused to deal with such a trifle as the song titles. Furious drums, a squeaking and quacking of a saxophone, electronic equipment of some sort and maybe even a guitar. Each of them does their best to create sounds and noises. Those glimpses of harmonies are an illusion to be shattered.

Neanderthal Jazz plays with the listener. While the opener appears to set the stage for some kind of Klezmer sound, Massola does not even bother to wander on in this direction. A pure blast of noise is thrown towards the listener and it is this daringness or rather this utter negligence of the listener that makes this output an interesting experience. Also the vocals are nothing but an unintelligible gibberish. Maybe it can be questions whether the release is able to offer some meaning at all.

A strange and somehow wonderful release.


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