Crying Day Care Choir – Join The Joyful Revolution

a0555400149_2Sweet folk music from Sweden with a British touch. A strange title and a even stranger band name. What is this band all about?

A sweet little 7” vinyl thingy by this band from Malmö, Sweden. This “tree-hugger band” with a rather curious name – look it up, it is worth the effort – takes the listener into the spheres of drum-circles, a picnic under a bright blue sky and endless rambling about which Beatles’ song would be best. Charming tunes, warm sounds, sweet atmospheres and a good portion of easy-going lyrics. Sit back, sing along and enjoy the illusion of a revolution. You do not need stones, petals from a variety of flowers should do the trick here.

Guitars and the vocals are the main focus of this type of music, while percussion elements add nuances in the background, should they be allowed to add something to it at all. Actually these do not even have to appear, because the band has no difficulty in creating a wonderful and charming atmosphere without these. This is thanks to the splendid vocals of course. With lyrics that you anyone with even a minuscule knowledge of English can join in without much difficulty, Crying Day Care Choir can get their “manipulative” messages across.

And such is the way that those four short tracks come along; their latest full album “Leaving the Kingdom” has more to offer. Sweetly crafted and arranged folk music that takes the listener by the hand. Give it a spin, sit back on a couch and relax over those tunes and melodies. Sometimes the first spark of a revolution – it can be a personal, a drastic change of mind as well – starts from a moment of solitude, a wandering of the mind and a feeling of comfort and harmony. This is what Crying Day Care Choir has to offer.

Get the 7″ vinyl while it is still available:


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