Own Road // URR split

a3523780628_10The gentle and the noisy. This might be a short summary of this release. Two bands, each offer a track and quite a contrast in terms of the music, the sound, everything.

Own Road

Own Road are a one-man band from Copenhagen, Denmark. It is their part to open this release and their one track has an odd playfulness to it. Somehow it appears to lack seriousness and is somehow childish and cheerful. And this is thanks to the guitars and their distinct sound as well as play. Over a course of roughly six minutes a certain motive is celebrated to excess but without ever being overtly boring or annoying. As can be expected the guitar does not remain alone. Noises – a howling sound, small noise fragments – add their share to the performance, small bells add their share as well, but it is basically up to the strings to set the pace and the atmosphere. There is nothing lacklustre about it all. Rather one should go so far and imagine some kind of acting or dancing to this outré play; slow movements, motions broken thanks to the fragmented play. Minimalism of a kind that reminds on sitting on the front porch and enjoying the magic of nothing.

A tipsy plucking of the guitar. Psychedelic, cheerful and otherworldly. No vocals … just the weirdness of the instruments.


The second band on this split is quite different. Urr are noisy, dirty and offer hardly any pleasantries. Drone doom is what this Danish band offers and they leave no doubt about this. It marks a stark contrast to the performance of Own Road and it appears as if this band attempts to wash away all the memories of their music. And even though both bands do not have much in common when it comes to their music, the actual approach in terms of song-writing and song-structuring shows some similarities. In both cases the band likes to return to a certain idea, a certain motive in order to write the rest of the stuff around it. In case of Urr the direction is a different one of course. Drums and guitars create together set the pace and help to build up an intense atmosphere. And even though vocals cannot be found here either, the slow meandering of the rhythms, the intense pondering of the drums and the actual interesting arrangements are able to compensate for this. Sunn O))) and Earth come to mind.

A middle finger right in the face of the listener. No pleasantries, no hugging and no love.

This release is available as a neatly designed 3”CDr.


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