Posthum – The Black Northern Ritual

The Black Northern Ritual is the third album by Norweigian black metal three piece Posthum. It’s an enjoyable album of mid paced riffy black metal with great vocals, that’s let down a little by a lack of variation between the seven songs on the album. But a cold atmosphere and great vocals make it a good if not a spectacular listen.

Posthum - The Black Northern Ritual

Posthum’s stand-out performer is clearly the vocalist Jon Kristian Skare, his piercing high pitched screams have a lot of energy and it’s a passionate performance, each scream given 110% and incredibly ferocious, but it’s a one dimensional performance – there’s no variation. And the same can be said of the whole album. Most of the tracks are mid-paced, with stomping chuggy riffs, melodic leads, with the drummer just keeping time. Condemned is faster at points with occasional blasts and faster riffs, but still it sees them reverting back to the slower chuggy riffs most of the time. The outro with just the two tremolo picked guitar lines is a good change of pace for the track, but it’s also a technique that’s used a lot on the album. The songs just sound identical, and though it’s a decent enough sound, but when it’s the same seven songs in a row then there’s just a lack of creativity. A bit more variation in their sound and they could improve next album, because what’s here is decent enough, and they do create a good cold atmosphere with that thick guitar sound and production, but seven almost identical songs obviously shows they need to work on their music.

The Black Northern Ritual is released October 13th on Indie Recordings


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