Interview with Brownangus

milk man (1)Major Destroyer Records is a source of strange but interesting music. Brown Angus would be the latest release by this label. A good chance to talk to this young band and to bring some light on the band name, the music and whatnot.

Thank God you added a “g” to the band name. You could have offended someone.
Brownanus! Where were we on that one?

Why do you play music?
Cause it gets us brown anuses

When did you start playing music?
We’ve been playing together for about 10 years, Brownangus happened about 2 years ago.

What is music (to you, in general … )?

What is noise (to you, in general … )?

What has music been and what is music now?
Music used to be cool. Today is more focused on independent releases, That’s kind of where we’re at. It’s 2014 and we just released a cassette tape. We want you to listen to that tape and then go give it to your friend and tell him to dig it. Then when he’s done digging it he can pass it off to some other sucker. You don’t see kids doing that with this mp3 bullshit!

Why are there no vocals on your demo? Is this only the current state or a general aspect of your way of playing music?
We aren’t against vocals, but they can definitely distract from the music itself. It’s possible that we will add some sort of vocal whatever in future recordings. We want you to pay attention to the songs, and get what you can out of it, there’s some good riffage in there.BrownAngus

How has the demo been recorded? From the sounds one might suspect a rehearsal room or the sort. Have you attempted to polish things later on?
First off you can polish a turd, but it’s still a turd. This turd just so happens to have a real nice glossy layer. We used your basic, classic, analog 8 track to record, throw a mic on the kick drum and throw a mic in the middle of the room, you got yourself a sweet demo. Kyle Anderson and Mike Mulen of Major Destroyer Records, took that demo and tweaked some things to make it what you hear today.

What are the core essences of your music? Are there bands that you would refer to as influences?
We improv a lot, we both like bands like King Crimson, and Frank Zappa. As far as Brownangus is concerned, I would say we get influence from the Melvins, Mike Patton projects, the local music scene here (Minneapolis)

Do you have a general idea of how your music is supposed to sound like and how has this found expression already? How does the song-writing and the progression of ideas work? On this tape of yours, are these separate smaller tracks combined together or are these merely two large composition?

The tape was recorded into 7 or so tracks that were strung together to make an A and B side, with some extra flair added for effect. We went down to the space one day with recording in mind. We set up the mics and improvised a song (beginning of side A). Afterwards we set one rule, and that was to keep the songs fairly short, as we felt that first one was too long. So we hit record and improvised another song, marked the time, advanced tape a couple seconds and moved on. 5 or so more improvised tracks, about 45 minutes later, and we had an album.

Why is the music released on a tape? And why is the tape pink?
Because everyone has a cassette player, right? Brown tapes would have been too obvious, so we cleaned them up a bit.

Is there a special reason that the band only consists of two band members? Is there a chance to see this changed in the future?
No specific reason other than we work really well together. We haven’t really thought about adding members. That would mean that we feel something is missing from the music. If more instruments need to be added I think the two of us can handle it. The whole point of Brownangus is to keep it really simple.10536816_313345662177281_9176734183527000000_o

Are you active on other bands as well?
Both of us play in the Minneapolis metal band ill-gotten ( Both of us had involvement in the Major Destroyer cassette release for Hands I Annul Yours. Craig plays bass in a funk/rock band called 4-Player CO-OP (

Closing comments if you like

We have to give a huge thank you again to Major Destroyer Records. Without them Brownangus would be in the toilet.


Major Destroyer Records



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