Interview with Vitor Pereira (Aires and Verãopop)

Vitor Pereira is the man behind the bleak drone project Aires, as well as being the keyboardist in psychedelic drone project Verãopop. He took the time to answer some questions about both projects for Swirls of Noise:

Hello and thank you for talking to Swirls of Noise. You released your first album under the name Aires earlier this year. Can you start by telling us how this project came about?
Hello! Aires started when I got to do some digging around my hard-drives and found a couple of leftovers from other projects. I worked them up a little bit and felt that I had something there so I e-mailed Enough Records, who were closed at submissions and new artists/bands at the time, yet Filipe liked the record so much that he offered to release it.
Aires cover art

Aires’ self titled debut

The album is fantastic, and it sounds incredibly bleak and stark. Is this the sound you were aiming towards?
Thanks! I was aiming for something bleak and stark, that’s for sure, but looking back I think that the record doesn’t sound as coherent as I would have liked. The four tracks are all from very different times, apart from the first two, that were recorded pretty much back to back, in 2010, I think. “Isósceles”, the small interlude that separates “contraplacado” from the “orgânico II” was the last one to be included on the record. The first version of it was already an interlude, only much longer and quieter. Somehow I feel that that particular track is what glues the whole album together. But yeah, I was looking for something bleak, abstract, somewhere between the organic and the mechanical. I like that ambiguity on this record, where you don’t get to understand what is it you’re listening. On the opening track,is this a human voice drenched in reverb? Or is it a machine, a mechanical presence all along?
Split cover art

Split album with Aires, Rui P Andrade and Earthly Beasts

Final track Contraplacado has more of a heavy shoegazing wall of sound to it than the rest of the album and it’s brilliant. Is this a direction you might explore further in the future?
Maybe, yeah. I know that most people that end up stumbling upon the record prefer “contraplacado” over the other tracks. It is easy to know why : it is somehow catchy, and that cascade of guitars is probably a lot more acessible than the noises and drones of “orgânico I ” & “II”. The guitars have this emotional pattern that get to people. I dunno if I will explore that shoegaze/tremolo picking sound again, but at least for the new releases that I’m planning now, there is nothing even close to “contraplacado”. The new tracks are darker, more subtle and slower.
Is there a chance of a physical release for the album in the future?
I’ve considered,yeah. I’ve had people asking me about it before, but I’ll be releasing new stuff throught the end of the year, so it is probably not the time to consider it. Maybe sometime in the future, I dunno. It depends on how well the reception of the next few albums is, and it depends on the plans of the arts collective that I am a part of now, Casa Amarela. We plan to do physical releases eventually,so…
Who are your main influences as an artist?
Influences… that is always a tough question. Most of it comes from the joy of experimenting with sounds and textures, just to see what will come out of it, even though I always start with some sort of narrative in mind. I’m more inspired by images, or narratives, than by other sound artists, which is only natural, considering that I listen mostly to black metal these days.
Your latest release is a split with two other Portuguese drone artists Rui P. Andrade and Earthly Beasts, each of you contributing a different take on dark, dense drone. How did the split come about, and is there much of a drone scene in Portugal?
I’ve been working with these guys in one way or another for some time now, so a split release was a logical next step, especially now that we all belong to the Casa Amarela Collective. The fourth element of the collective, Mafalda, did the artwork for the split. There is a lot of mutual respect between us all, I feel that we all trust each others talents, so it is quite easy to collaborate that way. We will work together again very soon, but more on that in due time. About the portuguese drone scene… I dunno if there is one. But we’re working hard to change it.
verãopop cover art
You’re also one half of psychedelic drone duo Verãopop. You’ve so far released one live improvised album and it’s dense, psychedelic and surreal. What can you tell us about the project?
Verãopop is a project where we improvise everything. Despite the feel-good, relaxed vibe of its cover, our only record is somehow dark and menacing. It plays like a 35 minute long roar, with psychedelic touches here and there among the drones. In this particular project I stick to the keyboards only, opposed to Aires, where I mess around with samples, field recordings, in addition to the keys . Nelson P Ferreira from AVOIDANT plays theremin and samples. We don’t plan ahead when it comes to Verãopop, we just decide on the theme for each particular song, and just go with the flow.
The debut album was released this summer, but it was recorded almost two years ago, so we need to move on with it. We had some recordings sessions earlier this year to come up with a follow-up, but the results, while very good, did not felt like verãopop. It was not live, it had a lot of mixing and stuff, and that’s just not verãopop.We should record some new stuff very very soon, probably to come out later this year.
You’ve already released three albums this year, but what does the future hold for you now Vitor?
Well, I’ve released some stuff this year but it is far from finished. By November a new album will be out, a collab album with Rui P. Andrade. I’m also working on some split releases, but it is way to soon to talk about that.
Thanks for talking to SoN, do you have anything else you’d like to add?
Thanks for taking the time to do this interview. Those who want to check out Aires or any of the other projects mentioned here, you can do it here: and  Enjoy!

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