Riwen – Riwen

Riwen is the new project from Cult of Luna guitarist Johannes Persson and it’s a love letter to Swedish hardcore with a blackened tinge. While Cult of Luna’s brand of post-sudge has never really done much for me, Johanne’s take on an old school sound is really convincing. The debut release is just a three track self titled EP, but there’s a host of barbed wire mosh worthy riffs, mid paced and and catchy, while the vitriolic screams fit half way between black metal rasps and hardcore screams. A pissed off attitude and trebly razor sharp production completes the package.There’s little new in the first two tracks, but they’re a good offering of old school hardcore. Final track karlsgrundet is the best of the bunch with mournful chords alongside more riff based goodness, and an outro with spoken words and violin is a change in dynamics while losing none of the atmosphere. Overall it’s pretty unoriginal but definitely solid enough for fans of old school hardcore, and it’s aggressive enough to get you moving.

Released October 13th on Indie Recordings

Riwen on facebook


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