Tone Color – Today will die tomorrow

a2266502392_2Tone Color presents six short compositions on a 3″ CDr with vague glimpses into this and that. Ambient by nature but with influences from other genres as well. Music to dream and dreams to be amused by. Shoo … take a listen, because the today is going to die tomorrow.

Titles are a curious thing. At least this is what I think and the one by Tone Color – noise! – definitely opens a realm for speculation.

Time is a tricky thing. We – man – had to invent something to give order to our pesky life. To give it structure and some would even go so far and say “to give it meaning”. Lost time is lost forever, because unlike a dropped mug filled with coffee, you are unable to return to a spot prior to the now; matters are somewhat different in terms of the coffee of course. Somehow this is annoying. What has been can never be changed and it is doomed to stay the way it is. Leaving all this aside, the title remains strange, because what IS actually TODAY and what is TOMORROW? Both yesterday and tomorrow are Dystopian by nature. What has been cannot be amended, while the things to come cannot be prepared for. We live in a limbo of immediateness, of the uncertainty of the now. If the today would die, let us take the title literary for a moment, then it would mark the end of time as we know it, because the main point of reference has been removed.

The music lacks this level of complexity and intellectuality. Tone Color play ambient but keeping it limited somehow. With half of the tracks below the four minute mark and none longer than six, it seems that this output is a set of different ideas and concepts. Of course they all have something in common: a distinct calmness and steadiness but varied slightly in terms of the actual expression. Now a bit more shrill due to an additional layer, then a bit more playful thanks to a piano, then a larger emphasis on drone, then on minimalism. There is no apparent sadness, no impression of intense pondering about the philosophical implication that arise from the title of this release. It is all kept in a certain limited kind of way. The warmth of the motives help to set a mood of gentleness and comfort. Maybe it should be understood in such a way as to cherish the current state of things over those that are bound to come and from which escape is futile.

Yes, I would like to experience those vague moments a bit longer. Yes, I would like to see those fragments explored on a larger degree. Still too short to be utterly convincing, while still long enough to spark some interest and maybe even leave the listener in a better mood than before.

Released on a 3” Cdr by Taalem.


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