Verãopop – Verãopop

Verãopop is a new psychedelic drone/noise duo featuring Nelson P. Ferreira on theremin/static/sampling and Vítor Bruno Pereira of drone project Aires on synthesizer. They’ve recently released their self titled debut album, an improvised live album of haunting drones and thick soundscapes.


Throughout the album dense synth drones bubble away under the surface in the vein of modern dark ambient/drone, creating a thick absorbing atmosphere. Over the top of it come eerie psychedelic soundscapes created from the experimentation of the sampling, theramin and noises which meander their way through the album. The first part brings to mind Tangerine Dream’s Zeit with it’s psychedelic drones, but its much denser, darker. The experimental free form structure combined with the dense sound makes the music both unsettling and surreal. The second piece features prominent sheets of static and distortion, while the drones are still as deep and dense but more subdued. Theramin and noise ebb and flow, creating a fantastic array of strange soundscapes you can get lost in, and it’s the best track. Part three pulses away with all the density of a black hole, noise and drone combining as one into an eerie, surreal piece of music. It starts off cold and mechanical but builds to an riotous noisy climax before fading back into a dark ambient haze. Throughout the album the twisted soundscapes bring to mind surreal imagery and alien landscapes.

Ultimately Verãopop combines the psychedelic experimentation of Tangerine Dream with the dense drone of Nadja and Sunn O)))’s Black One to make an unsettling sound which invokes the surreal imagery of Salvador Dali’s artwork. Highly recommended. Even if for this type of music that cover makes no sense.


2 thoughts on “Verãopop – Verãopop

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