Exordium Mors – The Apothesis of Death

Whenever I see the words thrash and death metal used to describe one band, I instantly get excited.  Neither genre is very appealing to me, but combined together creates such brutality and energy within the music that is unlike any other genre.  I first found this out through a band called Skeletonwitch based out of Ohio.  Their intensity and sheer force in every song they play is amazing and their incorporation of melody and aesthetics of black metal make for an amazing blend of genres.  When I hear Exordium Mors, the same feeling that hit me when I first picked up the Skeletonwitch album hits me again.  Intense and crazy, yet melodic and very skillful.
Exordium Mors - The Apotheosis of Death
Exordium Mors has been around for a decade and have put out various smaller releases, but The Apothesis of Death is their first full length album.  Consisting of 10 tracks, they bring all they have to this release and provide some of the best material they have in their 10 year existence.  The drumming is impressive but lacks that unique quality that some bands have.  The patterns are quite repetitive and uninteresting at times.  The fills, on the other hand, are feats of technical ability and precision.  This being said, I don’t understand how during the standard patterns, the drummer falls short a bit.  The kit is very high in the mix at points and drowns out a lot of what is going on around them.  It sounds muted at points as well and it seems that reverb was added to try to fix this, but all it does is makes the songs sound gloomy and weighted down.  The vocals are excellent, reminding me of both Archgoat and the Funeral Doom band Evoken.  At points, they are screaming like hell and really standing over the rest of the band but at others, they take a backseat and have a melancholic feel to them, especially towards the end of the album.  The guitar riffs are technical and powerful.  Songs like ‘As the Vultures Descend’ are clear examples of that.  The driving force behind the guitars in that song really give it a kick in the ass, moving it forward quickly.  The sound is quite muddy at times but it adds to the creepiness of the atmosphere.  From the horrific vocals and the raw production, this music really can scare the hell out of you at times!

Exordium Mors is an experienced band with many years behind them, a feat that most bands fall short of.  After waiting 10 years to release a full length studio album, they are tight enough as a band to create a terrifying and intense work of art.

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