Swirls of Noise radio #15

Here’s SoN radio #15. A shorter mix than usual, but featuring great music. New death metal comes from Dying Out Flame and Cannibal Corpse, while older classics come from Cryptopsy and Disma. On the black metal front there’s new tracks from the great progressive minds of Dark Fortress and Abigor, while Setherial provide some primitive black metal insanity. Beautiful music at the end with Casualties of Cool featuring the beautiful voice of Che Aimee Dorval, Tim Hecker’s emotional instrumental and a lovely blanket of ambient by Cestine. Enjoy!

Dying out flame – Vayuputra, from Shiva Rudrakastam, 2014
Disma – Vault of Membros, from Towards the Megalith, 2011
Cannibal Corpse – Sadistic Embodiment, from A Skeletal Domain, 2014
Abigor – Temptation VI – Compos Mentis, from Leytmotif Luzifer, 2014
Cryptopsy – Phobophile, from None So Vile, 1996
Setherial – Hell Eternal, from Hell Eternal, 1999
Dark Fortress – Chrysalis, from Venereal Dawn, 2014
Casualties of Cool – Flight, from Casualties of Cool, 2014
Tim Hecker – In the Fog I, from Ravedeath 1972, 2011
Cestine – Other Half, from Other Half/Bright Encounter, 2014


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