Cryptopsy, Jungle Rot and Disgorge at Boston Music Rooms 03/09/2014

On September 3rd the legendary technical death metal band Cryptopsy returned to play London at the fantastic Boston Music Rooms, with support coming from brutal death metal group Disgorge and old school death metal horde Jungle Rot. 

cryptopsy disgorge

Travel issues meant unfortunately missing the local support coming from Anoxide and Matricide, and I managed to get to the venue just before the slamming brutal death of Disgorge started. While not a fan of brutal death metal with slams and bree-bree style vocals, they’re a band that seems to get it right, and the heavy slams and vocals made it a pretty intense set, with lots of good riffs. Unfortunately their style isn’t vary varied, and even at their intensity, before the end of their 45 minutes they’d gotten quite dull and repetitive.

Jungle Rot on the other hand were fantastic though. That groovy quality to their riff heavy brand of old school death metal just made them all the more headbang inducing. Rioting their way through a great setlist, they gave a great energetic performance to an appreciative crowd, with lots of headbanging and a small pit down the front. It was a riveting set from start to finish and they ultimately proved to be the best band of the night.

Cryptopsy drew the biggest crowd down to the front, and they played a typically good set, with the genius Flo Mounier on drums delivering an intense performance, while both guitarist and bassist put in a great performance too, all the musicians have great technical ability that is reproduced really well in the live environment. It’s a mixed setlist though, with the songs coming from Whisper Supremacy onwards not being close to as good as the classics on the first two albums. Playing a mix of songs early on, there’s some good ones in amongst some less stellar efforts, but what’s also apparent is that new vocalist Matt McGachy is no Lord Worm. Lord Worm’s chaotic vocal style might not have been the best, but the chaos and freneticism of it went well with Cryptopsy’s music, and the bree-bree style of their new vocalist isn’t quite so fantastic, even if it’s not actually bad. At the end of the set they came back for an encore with their best material, with Defenestration and Phobophile playing to a great audience, stage diving and circle pits aplenty. Two of the best songs in technical death metal, it was a blinding performance from the group – if the rest of their set was filled with songs as great as that it would have been fantastic, but it was let down just a little by some less stellar tracks in the middle. Ultimately it was an enjoyable set, but Jungle Rot were a hard act to follow.


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