Goat in the Water – Live At the Cincinnati Public Library

Live at the Cincinatti Public Library is the début recording from American experimental/ambient duo Goat in the Water. With one untitled track, over the course of eighteen minutes they weave an ever changing blanket of sound, as interesting as it is ethereal, and really building from start to finish. Starting off with beautifully ethereal swirls of ambience, a lush wave of sound is created, while bursts of noise protrude over the surface. As a static harsh drone comes through, the track builds louder, increasing intensity, creating a sense of urgency with the intensifying sound. Electronic beats also arrive, starting slowly, but getting more and more prominent, intense and erratic over the course of the track. Those bursts of industrial sounding mechanical noise that come through at random give it life, smothering the swirls of ambience and rising and falling with the music. It’s got an excellent sense of pacing and really flows well in peaks and crescents, all kinds of noises coming through, beautiful and unsettling in equal measure. Processing comes through decaying those lovely swirls, while smothering them in strange bursts of noise, while the erratic drum programming is brilliant, the random nature of it being unsettling. Overall, this release doesn’t sound like a lot else that’s out there, and they’ve found a really cool, interesting sound that evolves well over the 18 minutes. And the fact it’s a live recording is really great, to get the sound down so well in a live environment without a studio recording under their belt is impressive. There’s a short interview at the end where they give some thoughts on their work too. 

Goat in the Water on Facebook


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