Swirls of Noise radio #14

For #14 SoN radio returns to it’s usual format – a varied mix of music old and new. This week there’s a lot of new music as 2014 carries on it’s fantastic form, and this week’s is quite global. Symphonic metal from UK with Enkelination, Greece with Enemy of Reality and Turkey with Listana, death metal from India with Dheshwa, jazz from the Phillipines with Farewell Fair Weather and black metal from Saudi Arabia with Al Namrood. There’s also a good deal of drone, ambient, doom metal, and shoegaze too in a varied mix – enjoy. 

Farewell Fair Weather – Rough Skies (2013)
Enkelination – What Have You Become (from Tears of Lust (2014)
Enemy of Reality – My Own Master (From Rejected Gods, 2014)
Listana – Elveda (From Unveiled EP, 2014)
Belphegor – Conjuring The Dead, (From Conjuring the Dead, 2014)
Al Namrood – Heen Yadhar Al Ghasq (From Heen Yadhr Al Gasq, 2014)
Dheshwa – Kapala Haara (from Sthoopa, 2014)
Charlatan – Nightmaring (from Local Agent, 2014)
Tim Hecker – Analog Paralysis, 1978 (From Ravedeath 1972, 2011)
Goat in the Water – live at the Cincinatti Public Library (2014)
Bolzer – Steppes (From Soma, 2014)
Vomitory – Regorge in the Mourge (from  Opus Mortis VIII, 2011)
There is no Teenage Love – There is only Teenage Love (from There is no Teenage Love, 2012)
The War on Drugs – Under the Pressure (from Lost in the Dream, 2014)
Poisoned By Life – Burning (from The End, 2014)
Nachtmystium – Into the Endless Abyss (from The World We Left Behind, 2014)
Botanist – Leuchadendron Argenteum (from VI: Flora, 2014)
Accept – Stampede (from Blind Rage, 2014)
Dragonforce – Defenders (From Maximum Overdrive, 2014)
shadow of the torturer – Indianapolis-Ukiah (from Dronestown, 2014)


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