Seprevation – Consumed

Consumed is the debut full length album from Bristol based death metal band. Combining the great technical death metal style of Death with a good deal of thrash influence from Possessed and Exodus, and with their own great musicianship it’s a beast of a debut from the group of talented Brits.

Seprevation - Photo

A short melodic acoustic introduction quickly gives way to a full on death/thrash assault on opener Divine Devastation. With an array of pummelling stomping riffs ala early Exodus, they bristle with energy, demanding headbanging with that great chunky guitar tone. They’re great riffs that stick in the mind throughout the album. But the technicality of Death comes through with the way they switch from riff to riff and in their brilliant solos. Melodic and original there’s a lot of energy behind them, whether in the Exodus-esque solos on Dreams and Servants of Suffering, the Iron Maiden style duel leads on Beyond Two Worlds, or the Chuck Schuldiner-like technicality of the solos on Slave to the Grave.

The vocals are great too from bassist Lluc Tupman, switching between brutal barks and shredding shrieks with ease, each style aggressive and energetic, while the creative drumming of Jamie Wintle is equally outstanding. Blasting away when required and playing inventive engaging fills elsewhere it’s a riveting performance. And the way it all comes together with a fantastic old school production is great, the clarity and balance of each aspect is great but it’s still heavy enough to shred your ears off. Consumed cover art

It’s also one of those rare death metal albums these days where each song is great, there’s no filler to be found. The fantastic stomp of Sacrophagal Chamber and the technicality of those riff and tempo changes make it a killer track and those stop start solos in the middle are genius. The slower breakdown parts of Beyond Two Worlds are exceptionally dark, while the stomping riffs and vicious screeches in Dreams are mad. While they’re all good the best one however is Slave to the Grave, which is just perfect. The vocals are unbelievably vicious, while the riff fest is insane, and the solos are out of this world. Highly recommended as one of the best old school sounding death metal tracks, and indeed albums of the year.

Overall it’s old school death metal done right, with fantastic musicianship, great influences and a dose of originality that set them apart from most other death metal revivalists. A year end list botherer for sure. 

Catch Seprevation with Bloodshot Dawn through October and November:

Oct 25 Asylum Birmingham, United Kingdom  
Oct 26 Dolans Warehouse Limerick City, United Kingdom  
Oct 27 Voodoo Lounge Belfast, United Kingdom  
Oct 28 Audio Glasgow, United Kingdom .
Oct 29 Sound Control Manchester, United Kingdom  
Oct 30 The Exchange Bristol, United Kingdom  
Oct 31 Green Door Store Brighton, United Kingdom  
Nov 01 The Unicorn London, United Kingdom  
Nov 02 Full Moon Cardiff, United Kingdom  
Dec 13 The Brunswick Gloucester, United Kingdom  

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