Swirls of Noise Radio #11

Lots of great new songs for SoN radio this week. Stoner doom legends Sleep release their first material since 2003’s Dopesmoker, and Electric Wizard follow suit with the first track from the upcoming album Time to Die. More metal comes in the form of the pirate horde Alestorm with Drink, while Seprevation release thrashy death metal to please Chuck Schuldiner himself, while Methedras have a Pantera-esque groove to their brand of thrash and Fórn’s monolithically heavy doom is weighed down further by ten tonnes of despondency. There’s trippy weirdness from The Gathering’s Frank Boeijen under his solo project Grimm Limbo, while it’s a good week for Drone with Lawrence English’s mysteriously haunting Another Body, noisy bliss from Ian William Craig, and some improvisational Middle Eastern inspired drone from Swimming in Bengal. There’s older death metal and drone classics into the mix meaning there’s a lot of really good stuff this week.

Grimm Limbo – Shapeliftin’, from Head Room I, 2014
Alestorm – Drink, from Sunset on the Golden Age, 2014
Devin Townsend Project – Save Our Now, from Epicloud, 2012
Sleep – The Clarity, 2014
Electric Wizard – I am Nothing, from Time to Die, 2014
Seprevation – Between two Worlds, from Consumed, 2o14
Methedras – Dead Memories, from System Subversion, 2014
Lawrence English – Another Body, from Wilderness of Mirrors, 2014
Ian William Craig – Our Last Collision, from Theia and the Archive, 2014
Time Machines – 5-Methoxy-N,N-Dimethyl (5-Me0-DMT), from Time Machines, 1998
Hoedh – Heilige (Sophisme Sonores), From Hymnvs, 1993
A Winged Victory for the Sullen – Atomos VI, from Atomos, 2014
Bloodbath – Like Fire, from Resurrection through Carnage, 2002
Nasum – See the Shit With Your Own Eyes, from Grind Finale, 2005
Demolition Hammer – Epidemic of Violence, from Epidemic of Violence, 1992
Fórn – Dweller on the Threshold, from The Departure of Conciousness, 2014
Autopsy – An Act of the Unspeakable, from Acts of the Unspeakable, 1992
Godflesh – Like Rats, from Streetcleaner, 1989
Sunn O))) & Boris – Etna, from Altar, 2006
Swimming in Bengal – Shattered, from Vol.1, 2014


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