Adabroc – Iolaire

With the new EP Iolaire, the Scottish one man black metal project Adabroc gives us an interesting take on the black metal genre, combining a hypnotic mysticism with a vibrant melodic approach. A dose of both Drudkh’s powerful stirring atmosphere and Shape of Despair’s repetitive hypnotism combines with a dash of Scottish spirit and a drop of psychedelia to create a very convincing black metal release.

The layered approach used by Adabroc is particularly powerful. With soft synths delivering blissful ambience, a hypnotic backdrop is created for the heavily distorted guitars to add a thick, yet meditative layer to the wall of sound. Playing simple repetitive yet somewhat epic melodies, a stirring surge of power creates a thick atmosphere, with just the slightest hint of bass giving an earthy grounding to the ethereally floating sound. Over the top a cleaner high pitched pulsing guitar sound even adds a dose of psychedelia to round off the wall of sound, permeating through beautifully. Processed DSBM screams are used at points, rasps filtering through, though providing another layer to Adabroc’s sound rather than being a focal point. Slow, emotional guitar solos interspersed throughout the release add to the surge of power, and the traditional Scottish string instruments used are also a great touch. Great drumming, ranging from slower fills to fast blastbeats flow along with the album seamlessly, again never taking control, but making it flow along superbly – all these combine to give Iolaire a warm hypnotic yet lively atmosphere.

Over a half hour, the warm hypnotic sound evolves beautifully while retaining an excellent wall of sound and emanating raw emotion and power, a very stirring, convincing release. Iolaire is recommended for all fans of hypnotic black metal.

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