Swirls of Noise radio #9

This week’s SoN radio sees the first brand new track from mesmerising black metal act Dark Fortress for four years, and some great atmospheric black metal from Scottish one man black metal act Saor. There are also brand new tracks from heavy metal legends Judas Priest, death metal from De Profundis and Hour of Penance, avant-garde death metal from Howls of Ebb and great experimental stuff from Cian and Beachers. A healthy dose of older favourites into the bargain there’s another twenty tracks of different styles this week for you to enjoy.

Dark Fortress – Venereal Dawn, from Venereal Dawn, 2014
Saor – Aura, from Aura,2014
Negură Bunget – Tesarul de lumini, from Om, 2006
Drudkh – Only the Wind Remembers my Name, from Estrangement, 2007
Eudaimony – December’s Hearse, from Futile, 2013
Xasthur – Suicide In Dark Serenity, from A Gate through Bloodstained Mirrors, 2001
Beachers – Pretend 4, from Pretend,2014
Nobuo Uematsu – Aerith’s Theme (piano version), from Final Fantasy VII: Piano Collections, 2003
Natural Snow Buildings – Wisconsin, from The Dance of the Sun and Moon, 2006
Cian – Gemlux Haze, from Gemlux, 2014
The 3rd and the Mortal – Veiled Exposure, from Paintings on Glass, 1996
Hexvessel – Woman of Salem, from Iron Marsh, 2013
Judas Priest – Halls of Valhalla, from Redeemer of Souls, 2014
Mantic Ritual – One by One,from Executioner, 2009
Acid King – Evil Satan, from Zoroaster, 1995
Amederia – Dreams, from Sometimes We Have Wings, 2008
Myrkskog – Deathmachine, from Deathmachine, 2000
Hour of Penance – Resurgence of the Empire, from Regicide, 2014
Howls of Ebb – Of Heel, Cyst and Lung, from Vigils of the Third Eye, 2014
De Profundis – Singularity, from Frequencies, 2014



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