Swirls of Noise Radio #8

Lots of good stuff featured on Swirls of Noise radio this week. Some fantastic atmospheric black metal from Adabroc and Yarek Ovich, beautiful neo-classical/folk from Musk Ox and great recent symphonic metal from Leaves’ Eyes. Add a dose of ambient, shoegaze, drone, classic rock, sludge, grindcore and death metal and there’s a lot of great music for you all to check out.

Adabroc – The Emigrant, from Iolaire
Yarek Ovich – When Frost Suddenly Came in Spring, from A Place of Solitude
Woods of Desolation – Like Falling Leaves, from As The Stars
Behexen – Christ Forever Die, from Rituale Satanum
Musk Ox – Part 5 – Serenade The Constellations, from Woodfall
Hammock – Floating Away In Every Direction, from Raising Your Voice… Trying to Stop an Echo
Indian – Rape, from From All Purity
Sunn o))) – Why Dost Thou Hide Thyself In Clouds?, from Domkirke
Porcupine tree – Voyage 34 Phase 1, from Voyage 34:The Complete Trip
Budgie – In For The Kill, from In for the Kill
Sigh – Corpsecry Angelfall, from Imaginary Sonicscape
Epica – The Essence Of Silence, from The Quantum Enigma
Leaves Eyes – Hell to the Heavens, from Symphonies of the Night
Dead Can Dance – The Host of Seraphim, from The Serpent’s Egg
Cranes – Feathers, from Cranes
Wormrot – Principles of Puppet Warfare, from Dirge
Oblivionized – Ghost of an Assault, from This Septic Isle
Miasmal – Whiskey Train, from Cursed Redeemer
Nile – Smashing The Antiu, from Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka
Akercocke – Axiom, from Antichrist



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