Miasmal – Cursed Redeemer

Cursed Redeemer is the sophomore effort from Swedish death metal horde Miasmal. Though hailing from Gothenburg, their sound instead takes on the Stockholm sound, with buzzsaw guitars, d-beat drums and big fat riffs. Add a heavy does of thrashy fun and just a pinch of punky grit, and you have the recipe for an excellent, fun old school death metal album from a new band.

Blasting off with the title track, the band waste no time in unleashing hell with excellent choppy riffs, the huge buzzsaw guitar tone sounding incisive. The tone is pure Dismember and Entombed worship, and the band do owe a lot of similarities to the Swedeath legends, especially with that awesome d-beat drumming, but they’re not a straight forward worshipband. That kick-ass solo that shreds its way over the top of the fearsome riffage just sounds infinitely cool, thrashy as hell like a Marty Friedman era Megadeth solo but beefed the hell up with a much meatier tone. And all the solos throughout the album are the same way, just plain cool, intense and making you just want to get up and air guitar across the place. And when played over the top of intense incisive riffs the overall sound is amazing, evil and headbang inducing and ultimately just fun as hell.

Miasmal - Photo

There’s also a serving of thrashy stomp to a lot of the riffs on the album, especially in the slower parts of second track Call of the Revenant, an absolute blazing track, with riff after riff serving to shred your face off. Vocalist Pontus Redig is great throughout the album, his impressive growls sounding like a cross between Dismembr’s Matti Kärki and At the Gate’s Tomas Lindberg, combining the evil bark of the former with the high pitched energy of the latter in a devastating roar. With a grinding groove bringing a bit of punk aesthetic into some of the riffs, especially on Excelsior and Veil of Remembrance, there’s a good deal of variation and influences, so while there are a lot of nods to Dismember and Entombed, there’s hints of the grindcore of fellow Swedes Nasum and USA’s Brutal Truth and even some of the thrash of Slayer and Megadeth brought into the mix. The result is an album that’s not just filled with great bruising riffs and blazing solos, but is a lot of fun and sounds just so damned cool. One downside is that the songs sound a little similar, and don’t stand apart from each other to the biggest extent, but they’re all great fun so it’s a minor complaint.

Overall it’s a really great album, taking that old school Swedish death metal vibe and running with it, with big fat riffs, vicious vocals and, best of all, those blazing blistering solos, each one as intense as the last. Cursed Redeemer is a hell of a lot of fun and if you like your guitars to sound like buzzsaws you need to “get on the whisky train” with Miasmal now!

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