Swirls of Noise radio #7 The Gathering 25th anniversary edition

Still buoyant on the news that The Gathering will be getting back together for a twenty fifth anniversary concert, I’ve decided that this edition of SoN radio will be solely dedicated to the eclectic Dutch band. Showcasing their entire career from their death metal genesis, to their gothic metal innovation, to their current post-rock trips, and everything they’ve achieved in between, this playlist is an introduction to all facets of a band who are unmatched when it comes to atmosphere. Taking tracks spanning eleven studio albums, five live albums, demos and EPs, this is a career wide retrospective, and from such an eclectic band there should be something for everyone. Enjoy!


Downfall (from Downfall: The Early Years)
Stonegarden (from Always)
Like fountains (from Almost a dance)
Strange machines (from Mandylion)
Adrenaline (from Adrenaline EP)
On most surfaces (from Nighttime Birds)
Nighttime birds (from Nighttime Birds)
When the sun hits (Slowdive Cover) (from Accessories)
Sand and mercury (Live) (from In Motion)
Great ocean road (from How to measure a planet?)
Travel (from How to measure a planet?)
How to measure a planet? (from How to measure a planet?)
The big sleep (live) (from Superheat)
Amity (from If_then_else)
Analog park (from If_then_else)
Herbal movement (from If_then_else)
Sleepy buildings (live) (from Sleepy Buildings)
Souvenirs (from Souvenirs)
Debris (from Black Light District EP)
Every day is like a thousand years (from Passengers in Time)
Alone (live) (from A Sound Relief)
Waking Hour (from Home)
Your troubles are over (from Home)
Home (from Home)
Probably built in the fifties (live) (from A noise severe)
Saturnine (live) (from a noise severe)
Black light district (live) (from  a noise severe)
A constant run (from The West Pole)
Miniature (from City from Above EP)
Heroes for ghosts (from Disclosure)
S.I.B.A.L.D. (from Afterwords)
Areas (from Afterwords)


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