Swirls of Radio #6 – Hellfest 2014 Edition

Here’s something a bit different for the new Swirls of Noise Radio. Instead of the usual format of a mix of old and new songs, I’m still buzzing from France’s fantastic Hellfest festival last week, so here’s a mix of twenty of the best songs and bands I saw at the festival. A lot of quality stuff, from 70’s psychedelia, to bludgeoning grindcore, and metal legends. Enjoy!


Conan – Foehammer, from Blood Eagle, Napalm Records, 2014
Destroyer 666 – I am the war god,from Phoenix Rising, Season of Mist, 2000
Hail of Bullets – red wolves of Stalin, from …Of Frost and War, Metal Blade, 2008
Iron Maiden – Revelations, from Piece of Mind, EMI Records, 1983
Slayer – War Ensemble, from Seasons in the Abyss, Def Jam 1990
Electric Wizard – Funeralopolis, from Dopethrone, Rise Above Records, 2000
SubRosa – The Usher, From More Constant Than The Gods, Profound Lore Records, 2013
Tsjuder – Kill for Satan, from Kill for Satan, Drakkar Productions, 2000
Brutal Truth – Choice of a New Generation, from Need to Control, Earache, 1994
Deep Purple – Black Night, from Black Night, Harvest Records, 1970
Nile – Black Seeds of Vengeance, from Black Seeds of Vengeance, Relapse, 2000
Year of the Goat – spirits of fire, from Angel’s Necropolis, Van Records, 2012
Blues Pills – Devil Man,from Devil Man, Nuclear Blast, 2013
Satan’s Satyrs – Show Me Your Skull, from Die Screaming, Bad Omen Records, 2014
In Solitude – Sister, from Sister, Metal Blade, 2013
Powerwolf – We Drink Your Blood, from Blood of the Saints, Metal Blade, 2013
Dark Angel – Perish In Flames, from Darkness Descends, Combat Records, 1986
Behemoth – Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel!, from The Satanist, Nuclear Blast, 2014
Emperor – I am the Black Wizards,from In the Nightside Eclipse, Candlelight Records, 2014
Black Sabbath – God is Dead?, from 13, Vertigo Records,2013


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