Interview with Amberian Dawn’s Päivi “Capri” Virkkunen

Amberian Dawn’s fifth full length album Magic Forest will be released next month, and it’s a great upbeat power metal album resulting in a very fun listen. Ahead of the release, vocalist Capri took some time to answer questions for Swirls of Noise.

Hi Capri and thank you for talking to swirls of noise. Amberian Dawn are poised to release their fifth full length album Magic Forest, which is a great catchy and upbeat album. How do you feel about how the album turned out?

We are all very pleased how it turned out. We had a great, really supporting production team, first time in AD’s history,with Tuomas and Mikko P. Mustonen and myself. We had so much fun doing this album, the atmosphere was very relaxed and we laughed a lot. So it was great process from the beginning.

Your first release with the band was Re-Evolution a compilation of older songs re-recorded with you as a singer. How did you feel about re-recording those songs that had already been done with Heidi?

Capri’s first outing with the band was on a re-recording of older material

Well, I don’t compare singers or bands at all, ever. 🙂 Music is music. Re-Evolution is a compilation of great songs and awesome stories and I was excited and honoured to re-record those songs. I sang them in my style and we were all pleased how it turned out. And also, Tuomas wanted to hear how those songs will sound by me although they were great already by Heidi.

How was the reception from the fans to the new recordings?

The fans have been very supporting. Of course there are some who won’t like me or my singing, that’s obvious, but most of the response has been great. Thank you for that. 🙂

Magic Forest is your first album with the band to feature you on  material. Was it more rewarding than Re-evolution, with yourself being 
more involved in the writing process?

I find singing always rewarding but Magic Forest is more personal than Re-Evolution. At this time I really did know what the writer felt writing those lyrics and I wasn’t sure if I could sing my own stories so that I personally would be pleased.And at this time I was involved from the beginning so it felt longer time to wait for the album. Tuomas sent me new songs one by one and think I was living in a Magic Forest every day.

Amberian Dawn’s music is powerful, yet very upbeat and cheerful, where a lot of female fronted metal bands have a lot of melancholic or gothic elements to their sound and imagery. Was creating music with such an uplifting powerful sound important for the band?

We thought about the nature of these songs and talked about the pre-produced demos together but music is something that comes from your heart so I think that every song sounds like what they was supposed to and the band sounds too.

Your voice is great, sounding like a mixture of a powerful eighties metal style crossed with the style of more modern melodic metal singers. Who would you say are the main influences behind your singing?

Influences, well, I love people’s voices and it doesn’t matter what kind of music they’re singing. I listened to Abba and Whitney Houston when I was young. Then I found Skid Row, Celine Dion and Lara Fabian. There are so many more.But I’ve always had a need to sound like myself. I think I just sing, I don’t decide beforehand what I’m going to do. My style of singing depends on what kind of story is behind the song. For me the emotion is more important than technique.

The new album Magic Forest

What can you tell us about the lyrical themes flowing through the album?

There are songs which are true and songs which are not…For me writing lyrics is very visual. I think every song is a 5 minutes movie. :)I listen to the music with my eyes closed without thinking about lyrics or themes.I just feel the atmosphere of the song, let the music speak to me. Every song is one and only at the time I write lyrics. It can be just one word that starts to ring in my head or makes me see flashes of pictures and then I know what I’m going to write, what kind of story it will be.

Do you know if there are any plans for Amberian Dawn to play in the UK in support of the new album?

We’ve been talking about doing a couple of shows here in Finland next fall. Also we’re keeping our eyes open for the chances to join some UK tours.We know that touring is almost impossible if the new album isn’t going to sell good. So let’s hope that we’re going to make chart entries in many countries so that we’re able to tour.

Thank you for your time Capri, is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you! 🙂 I really hope that you’ll enjoy Magic Forest as much as we do.

Many thanks to Andy Turner at Napalm Records for arranging the interview

Amberian Dawn on facebook

Listen to Magic Forest:

Magic Forest will be released on June 27th via Napalm Records


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