The Gathering announce special 25th anniversary show

Legendary forward thinking Dutch band The Gathering have come out of hiatus to announce a very special show to celebrate their 25th anniversary. After releasing eleven spectacular albums in their 25 year career, including changing the very face of metal with 1995’s Mandylion, creating the best album I’ve ever heard in How To Measure A Planet? before moving into a fantastic “trip-rock” sound they’re a band who’ve never made a single misstep in their career, while reinventing their sound throughout each of their albums, and despite big changes in sound and several lineup changes, they’ve always retained a trademark atmosphere to their sound which is simply unmatched.

Here is the statement from the band themselves:

The Gathering: 25 Years of Diving into the Unknown – Special Anniversary Show

On Sunday November 9 of this year, the Gathering will celebrate its 25th anniversary with a one-time special show at the beautiful new Doornroosje venue in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

All band members who ever graced the Gathering’s line-up since the beginning in 1989 until the present day will appear on stage and perform in this unique show together.

Hans Rutten, one of the original Gathering members who’s still in the present line-up: ‘after 25 years of diving into the unknown, making music from the heart and trying to renew ourselves, we are very happy to be able to celebrate this with all past and present band members.
It is a unique gathering and we feel blessed and privileged. We have made a lot of friends all over the world throughout the years and we hope to share this evening together’.

Ticket sales start this friday the 20th of june 10:00 CET at the Doornroosje ticketsite:
Don’t forget to register first. Please note sales start this friday, it’s not on the agenda yet.

Alongside this unique gig The Gathering will release a ‘Best of’ album which will be available at Doornroosje the 9th of november. More details soon.

Thank you!

René Rutten – Frank Boeijen – Hans Rutten – Silje Wergeland
Anneke van Giersbergen – Hugo Prinsen Geerligs
Marjolein Kooijman – Jelmer Wiersma – Bart Smits – Marike Groot

I personally could not be any more excited. The Gathering are my favourite band of all time, but I’ve never had the chance to go and see them, and to finally be able to on such a special show with all of their former members, (apart from the vocalist from Almost a Dance Niels Duffhues) is going to be one of the greatest gigs I’ll ever have the pleasure to attend. Anyone who isn’t familiar with The Gathering should start familiarizing themselves RIGHT NOW, and anyone who’s a fan will already be salivating at the prospect of seeing them once again, especially with them reuniting for the first time with the talismanic former vocalist Anneke Van Giersbergen who in thirteen years with the band sung on six of their full length albums, three live CDs and three DVDs.

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