Multinational Corporations – Jamat-al-Maut

Multinational Corporations hail from Pakistan’s Lahore, perhaps not the most typical place you’d expect to find a grindcore band, but that doesn’t mean they don’t rip, and the problems in their region filter through into their music, making this the most authentic politically charged grind release for a while.

As one might expect from their name,  Multinational Corporations definitely worship at the altar of Napalm Death, and indeed the grindcore on offer here has a definite old school vibe. A mix of fast, cutting riffs and slower groovy headbangers, there’s a solid guitar performance all around, especially on title track Jamal-Al-Maut, with it’s great slower riffs. The rumbling bass rounds out the heaviness of the sound, and the drums, despite being programmed, sound real, and though unspectacular, there’s sections of blasts, and great fills on offer. Vocals are great, with snarls, gutturals and shrieks used throughout the EP with real aggression, and the cries of “MOSH!” against the breakdowns on Advertisement Overdose is great fun too. The lyrics are great too, with topics ranging from anger at the Taliban, dissatisfaction at modern life, and shots at corporations, all written in a great pissed off punk manner.

Among the more standard grind tracks, L.P.C. is more of an old school punky bruiser with lots of aggression, and some imaginative lead guitar, while the closer Penniless Pride is a slower melodic almost post-punky affair, with a great soulful solo, yet still retaining a heavy crunch, a really interesting track. The production could do with being a little better, its a little too raw, and its not quite as bludgeoning as it should be, and while it’s decent, the drumming could do with a bit more invention and energy, recruiting a real drummer would be a good move.

Overall it’s a good EP from the Pakistanis,and while not perfect, it’s still one of the most authentic pissed off grindcore releases for a while. Definitely an interesting release, and they could definitely go places. Old school grind fans should definitely give it a go, you can even stream the EP on their bandcamp for free:

Multinational Corporations on facebook

<br />Multinational Corporations - Jamat-al-Maut


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