Swirls of Noise radio #5

Well there’s been no reviews or interviews up since last weeks SoN radio. Well what can I say, us Britons have been out enjoying the sunshine while we’ve got it (The Alcest track on this week’s goes great with the lovely weather!) Got a treat for you with this week’s radio though. New tracks from sludge maestros Eyehategod with their first new album in 14 years, a new crusher from Goatwhore, some Pakistani politically charged grindcore from Multinational Corporations, cathartic post-sludge from DrAlienSmith, and symphonic power from Amberian Dawn, and more. Mixed in are some older favourites too, with The Veldt combining soul with shoegaze to great effect, the most emotional black metal there is from Sad Legend, and the absolutely brilliant Wyrd, among more.

Full tracklist:

Eyehategod – Nobody Told Me, from Eyehategod, Housecore Records, 2014
Goatwhore – FBS, from Constricting Rage of the Merciless, Metal Blade Records, 2014
Autopsy – Burial, from Tourniquets, Hacksaws, and Graves, Peaceville Records, 2014
Cage Grind Noir – Fire birds, from Pilots, Rip Roaring Shit Storm records, 2014
Cretin – Walking a Midget, from Freakery, Relapse Records, 2006
Multinational Corporations – Fuck Your Patriotism, from Jamat-al-Maut, self released 2014
Wolves in the throne room – Celestite Mirror, from Celestite, Artemesia Records, 2014
DrAlienSmith – Underslung, from The Under Songs, self released, 2014
The Dead Texan – Glen’s Goo, from The Dead Texan,Kranky, 2004
Alcest – Voix Serenes, from Shelter, Prophecy Productions, 2014
The Veldt – Soul in a Jar, from Afrodisiac, Mercury, 1994
Atlas Sound – Friday Night We Took Acid and Laid on Matt’s Bedroom Floor, from The Weekend EP, self released, 2008
Amberian Dawn – Magic Forest, from Magic Forest, Napalm Records, 2014
Anette Olzon – Shine, from Shine, earMUSIC, 2014
Kingfisher Sky – Balance of Power, from Hallway of Dreams, Suburban Records, 2007
Ashes You leave – Summer’s End, from The Cure for Happiness, Rock N Growl, 2012
How Like a Winter – All the Seasons of Madness, from …Beyond My Grey Lake, Martyr Music Group, 2003
Fall of the Idols – Cathedral of Doom, from The Seance, I Hate Records, 2008
Wyrd – Sad Song of the Woods, from Vargtimmen Pt.1, Solistitium Records, 2003
Sad Legend – A funeral in Solitude, from Sad Legend, Hammerheart Productions, 1998


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