Swirls of Noise Radio #4

Welcome to Swirls of Noise radio #4. This week there’s some great new music from Devin Townsend’s brilliant new blues project Casualties of Cool, as well as some great thrash metal from Hatriot and Toxic Waltz, ambient from Dino Spiluttini and Driftmachine,symphonic metal from Stream of Passion and atmospheric rock courtesy of Anathema and the lovely Kari Rueslatten. There’s some great older stuff too of course, with the powerful modern metal of Trillium, progressive death metal of Voices, melodic black metal of Lunar Aurora, some real craziness from Tactile Gemma and Atrox, and more! Hope you enjoy!


Casualties of cool – Mountaintop, from Casualties of Cool, self released,2014
Kari rueslatten – rainy days ahead, from Time to Tell, Despotz records, 2014
Trillium – Bow to the Ego, from Alloy, Frontiers Records, 2011
Stream of Passion – A War Of Our Own, from A War of Our Own, self released, 2014
Anathema – The Lost Song Pt.3, from Distant Satellites, Kscope, 2014
Attomica – the chainsaw, from Disturbing the Noise, Cogumelo Records, 1991
Hatriot – your worst enemy, from Dawn of the New Centurion, Massacre Records, 2014
Toxic Waltz – Suicide Squad, from Decades of Pain, self released, 2014
Tactile Gemma – Miss Luna’s Speech, from Tactile Gemma, Season of Mist, 2001
Atrox – Tentacles, from Orgasm, Code666 Records, 2003
Voices – Eyes Become Black, from From the Human Forest Create a Fugue of Imaginary Rain, Candlelight Records, 2013
Agathocles – Kill Your Idols, from Theatric Symbolization of Life,  Cyber Music,1992
Gridlink – Ketsui from Longhena, Selfmadegod Records, 2014
Estatic fear – chapter four, from A Sombre Dance, CCP records, 1999
Driftmachine – Réveil des Oiseaux, from Noctures, Umor Rex Records, 2014
Dino Spiluttini – Anxiety, from Modular Anxiety, Umor Rex Records, 2014
School of Seven Bells – Windstorm, from Disconnect From Desire, Full Time Hobby, 2014
Malleus Maleficarum – Ignorance Enivrante, from Des Bibles, Des Hymnes, Des Icônes…, Oaken Shield Records,2004
Der Weg Einer Freheit – Der Stille Fluss, from Agonie, Viva Hate Records, 2011
Lunar Aurora – Findling, from Andacht, Cold Dimensions, 2007



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