Toxic Waltz – Decades of Pain

Decades of Pain is the debut from German thrash outfit, named after an Exodus song. Among the stomping riffs, gang shouts and gruff yelled vocals, there’s also a sense of melody with a good deal of power metal influence, in addition to some acoustic interludes. However, the cohesion with the tough thrash attitude and the more upbeat melodic solos doesn’t always gel that well, and can seem a bit off at points. Throughout the album there’s some cracking riffs though especially on World of Hate and Suicide Squad, the latter of which is easily the best track from the album, although there’s not a great deal of variety throughout the length of Decades of Pain in terms of those riffs. It doesn’t do much new, but fans of Exodus will still get a kick out of it, because when it’s good it’s a very fun thrash album, but as a whole it’s a little unspectacular.

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