Malthusian – Demo MMXIII

A debut demo from the Irish death metal act Malthusian, featuring former Altar of Plagues drummer Johnny King, released in 2013 as per it’s namesake. Unsettling discordant guitar chord patterns give way to utter insanity, and we’re taken on a 25 minute descent into a cavernous, abyssal death metal masterwork. A tortured and completely inhuman slew of mental guttural growls permeate through a wall of caustic death metal. With dissonant riffs twisting their way through a rumbling chasm of slow gloom on opening track Wraith///Plague Spore the low, deep sound is truly monstrous, conjuring images of a huge frightening beast crawling out of the Earth to devastate all in it’s path, bringing the hell fire of the ground below to the fore with it – this is perhaps as evil sounding as death metal gets. The complex, sprawling riffs are incredible to behold, especially on the ten minute behemoth of the second track The Mother’s Blade and these musicians are up there with the best of them – the technicality behind every note played is incredible. Final track Hallucinogen may just be the best of the bunch, burgeoning with riff after brilliant riff, melodic yet dissonant, with intense, mad crashing drums adding the extra insanity. Almost psychedelic in the crazed avenues probed and explored by these brilliant musicians on this last offering this demo is one of the greatest death metal releases of the 2010’s so far. The production is perfect with drums, guitars, bass and vocals combining into a dense maelstrom of pure terror –  a monolithic wall of evil sound, fans of abyssal, dissonant metal NEED this demo in their lives.

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Demo MMXIII cover art



3 thoughts on “Malthusian – Demo MMXIII

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