Despite their name having kicked up a storm in the death metal underground last year, it took me a long time to finally getting around to listening to Bölzer’s 2013 EP Aura – and what a mistake that was, because this is probably the most forward thinking death metal release of the twenty first century so far. Their own brand of death metal consists in a rumbling, deep guitar tone, with powerful, energetic pounding drums over the top. The vocal performance is varied, from gutteral growls, powerful belows, Tom G Warrior like “Eurghs” and mad shrieks.   There’s so much to their sound, with riff after riff delivered in a frenzied variety. Dissonant, melodic, rumbling and even psychedelic, they weave  huge spacey atmosphere with a huge sense of grandeur in their massive sound, with a sublime transition from one idea to the next. Entranced by the Wolfshook is fast becoming one of my favourite songs of all time, with the abyssal, somewhat dissonant riffs combining with psychedelia and some of the most memorable yet complex riffs out there. With the abyssal sound combined with spacey vibes the images it conjures in my head consists of being unable to breath, lost in the vast blackness of space while being attacked by an unimaginably terrifying space alien. It’s almost impossible to believe the band only consists of two members with their hugely impressive sound. Ultimately Aura is unlike anything that’s gone before it and creating a truly unique death of this quality these days is a momentous achievement – Bölzer are one to watch, and I can’t wait for a debut full length album – twenty three minutes isn’t enough.

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Bölzer - Aura cover art




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