Dark Fortress to release new album “Venereal Dawn”

German black metal band have released the details of their seventh album Venereal Dawn via a post on facebook, as follows:


We will release our 7th studio album worldwide on SEPTEMBER 1st, 2014 through Century Media Records. The record will bear the title VENEREAL DAWN and will be a concept album in nine chapters.

Three years in the making, VENEREAL DAWN will take our traditionally rich musical spectrum further than ever. Always aiming for an innovative equilibrium between hellish black metal, sophisticated melancholy, atmospheres of metaphysical horror and a deep occult spirituality, the album will be a substantial offering to our already extensive back catalogue.

We have never taken the challenge of making a new album lightly, and again took a radically uncompromising attitude in concept and composing. Many songs were written since 2010’s YLEM, and many were discarded again to make sure the new material would be able to exceed previous releases in quality, relevance and authenticity. Increasing scheduling conflicts with our other bands and jobs, as well as the humongous amount of hours that this endeavor required, had forced us to postpone this release a few times in recent years. At the end of an excessive recording session in late 2013, we chose nine songs to mark our 20-year anniversary with what we hope will become a landmark album in our long career.

Expect epic song structures, mighty sonic cathedrals, virulent and sinister magic and lots of unexpected twists and turns as we drag you screaming and headbanging through the abysmal roller coaster of our universe once more.

Further details to be announced. A tour and video clip are in the making for autumn 2014. It took longer than we had hoped for, but as of today, one fact is undeniable:


I couldn’t be happier. The first metal band I ever had an interest in when I first heard the song Profane Genocidal Creations, nearly eleven years ago now, and they really kick started my obsession with music. With each subsequent album they broke the mould of traditional black metal, adding their own sense of atmosphere through progressive playing, experimentation and intelligent thought provoking lyrics, and they’re really one of the most interesting best black metal bands going. While they haven’t gained the popularity they perhaps deserve, they do have a cult following. And the fact that their guitarist V Santura also plays in the legendary Triptykon with Tom G Warrior, and has produced albums by bands such as Obscura,and drummer Seraph also plays in Revamp with the mighty Floor Jansen, it shows just how good the musicians really are. I simply cannot wait for more material from them. Bring on September 1st!




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