Unwell – Sinking Sounds for Bottomless Nights

Stumbling around through the voids of bandcamp usually yields a great artist or two, and there was no exception yesterday when I came across Unwell and the album Sinking Sounds for Bottomless Nights. Combining ambient drones with folk guitars and field recordings, he claims “This is probably some of my strangest work”, but despite this claim there’s a lot of moments of beauty to be had in a very good release, with a little light, and a lot of darkness.

Opening with the short piece This is Irrevocably Here, a gorgeous wall of drones reverberates beautifully, before a lovely piano melody softly pokes it’s way through the surface. A great piece, but unfortunately rather short. Changing tact for She Dreamt of Stairways, psychedelic organ drones swirl round, while folky acoustic guitar strumming creates a somewhat dark atmosphere, like being lost in a forest. Carrying the same psychedelic atmosphere into Summer Freezes over guitar pervades through the synths, giving a cold, melancholic atmosphere, to really fit it’s title before fading out in a dismal dirge. More dirge to come though, with the unsettling atmosphere of Things We Were and Are No More sounding really creepy, with dense, dark field recordings providing the background for a chunky, distorted guitar drone, sweeping away all life from everything around it, all encompassing and huge. Soft pulsing drones create a relaxed atmosphere on A Warmth I’ll never Know, before a murkier, stranger drone piece in Not to Be There kicks in, lots going on, but at the same time very meditative. The echoey guitar on Broken Snow is great, bright and vibrant,with a lovely melody, and the sounds of wind at the end goes great with it. Final track Float Away From Here begins with a great post-rock sound,bright lead electric guitar, over strummed acoustic chords and soft drums. Building through it’s nine minutes a great atmosphere, calm yet bright, it’s a nice way to finish a great album.

Track by track isn’t a style of review I like, but there’s a lot of different ideas going on from one track to the next, that it really helps to cover the great range he’s got here. A really interesting album, highly recommended. Oh, and did I mention it’s available as a free download? Go and give it a listen.



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