Rabhas – demo 2013

Rabhas are a new death metal band from Italy, having as yet only released a three track demo, simply titled Demo 2013, and it’s a solid, somewhat original slab of old school death metal. Riffs are chunky, thrashy, simplistic and catchy, and with an equally great bass tone, they bring to mind Cannibal Corpse a little. But they’re not a Cannibal Corpse rip off by any stretch of the imagination, and while they pummel in the same way, they have more of a groove to their sound, especially in the fantastic bass playing (just listen to that fretboard abuse towards the end of Tutti Vs Tutti) and the swinging, punky drums. Great vocals complete it all, with those Italian growls sounding particularly frenetic with his frantic inhalations between barks adding to the energy of the delivery. The production is great, capturing that great raw dirty feel that good death metal should have, while everything is still clear and balanced, and overall the demo is a great fusion of thrash metal, death metal and punk. The solos and riffs might be a bit simplistic at points, and it’s mostly mid paced throughout the short length of the demo, but it’s still got some fun, catchy riffs, groovy bass and great vocals, so those points can be ignored and it’s an enjoyable listen. Will look forward to an album from them soon.

Rabhas on Facebook


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