Swirls of Noise radio #2

Here is Swirls of Noise radio #2, again featuring a mix of new music from 2014 as well as older favourites. A two hour mix of diverse music, I hope you all enjoy listening to this weeks SoN radio!

Lethe – Come Look at the Darkness With Me, from When Dreams Become Nightmares, Debemur Morti Productions, 2014
Satanic Slaughter – Afterlife Kingdom, from Afterlife Kingdom, Loud ‘n’ Proud Records, 2000
Nox Aurea – The Funeral of All, from Via Gnosis, Solitude Productions, 2009
Cloud Rat – Sinkhole, from Cloud Rat, self released,2010
The Graviators – Lost Lord, from Motherload, Napalm Records 2014
VomepotroIncorruption, from Liturgy of Dissection, Sevared Records, 2009
Destroyalldreamers – Sombrer dans la Folie, from À Coeur Léger Sommeil Sanglant, Where are my Records, 2004
Paatos – Happiness, from Kallocain, Inside Out Music, 2004
Sima Kim – Sketch 9, from Sketches, Umor Rex Records, 2014
Neglektum – Blasphemer, from Blasphemer, Goathorned Productions, 2014
The Angelic Process – Million Year Summer, from Weighing Souls With Sand, Profound Lore Records, 2007
Christina Vantzou – Going Backwards to Recover What Was Left Behind, from No.2, Kranky, 2014
Broken Little Sister – Blue, from Memories, Violets and Demons, Happy Prince Records, 2010
Pyramids – Hellmonk, from Pyramids, Hydra Head Records, 2008
Alahuta – Little Girl, from A Hack in the Woods, Shelter Press, 2014
The Hourglass – Rise, from  Through Darkness and Light, self released, 2014
Ex Libris – Medea, from Medea, self released, 2014
Human Cull – Chemical Lobotomy, from Stillborn Nation, wooaaargh records, 2014
The End of the World Championship – In Slow Motion I, from In Slow Motion, Umor Rex records, 2013
Výnterache – As the Meadows Lie Hushed, from Recollections, self released, 2014



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